Integrating PACS with CVIS and billing are too often problematic. Sharing images between vendors or loading patient information to other provider's EHRs are common problems.

We specialise in the integration of HL7 and DICOM technologies to their respective systems. Integrations of your installations include and are not limited to...

  • Medireport Cardioreport CVIS suite (Cardiovascular Information System) with AGFA PACS and Enterprise Imaging using AgfaImpaxBridge and Mitra Context Server respectively.

  • Medireport to EMR via HL7
  • Imaging modalities to AGFA Enterprise Imaging and PACS.

  • Imaging modalities with TOMTEC Image-Arena.

  • Cardioreport with DICOM (SR, MPPS,etc), HL7 (ADT, ORM, ORU, etc), various Hemodynamic systems

  • IMPAX Heartstation ECG system with various ecg vendors

  • IMPAX Heartstation to EMR via HL7

If the integration solution is not listed we will be delighted to help you solve the issue, please use the contacts page to contact us regarding your issue.


What is an Integration?

A full PACS should provide a single point of access for images and associated data. Individual systems of digital imaging or hospital information not yet connected to a central PACS may exist. This is where the integration between these systems needs to occur.

PACS can interface with existing hospital information systems and electronic patient records, thus giving the physicians upto date relevant patient data.

Interfacing is usually caried out using the DICOM and HL7 technologies, however digital dictation is a example where PACS can be integrated without the use of the above technologies.

pacs integration*
Basic dataflow which will vary from site to site and manufacturer to manufacturer.



"My cooperation with Jurica already spans more then 5 years. Jurica has proven to be a skilled healthcare IT engineer. RIS, Pacs, CVIS, HL7, Mirth. He's also proven to be creative thinker in trying to find the right solution. 
I consider Jurica one of my top colleagues because his ample competences are combined with a positive, relaxed attitude, even under stressful situations. 
And you can take him to customers. 
Thanks J for all the cooperation. May it last a long long time ..."

Rik Maene - Linkedin