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  • Cardioreport XP
  • Angio Query
  • Report Activity
  • Tracer
  • Boarding Vision

CardioReport is designed using a modular approach covering all invasive and non invasive cardiologic fields. Each module is independent however can be linked together through specific CardioReport interfaces. All modules are linked with third-party software through proprietary interfaces or Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards.

Windows Platform

Oracle database

Firebird database

AGFA Enterprise Imaging 8.x

Agfa HealthCare is a global leader in the fast growing market of integrated IT and imaging systems, offering healthcare facilities like yours a seamless flow of information and a 360° view of patient care.

Windows Platform

Oracle Database


IMPAX 6 is a comprehensive and fully integrated digital imaging and information solution for your healthcare enterprise. IMPAX unifies a healthcare facility, while offering components that support specific staff workflows, without compromising their effectiveness. 

Windows Platform

Oracle Database

AGFA HeartStation 1.x

IMPAX HeartStation is Agfa HealthCare's comprehensive data management solution for automating the processing and storage of electrocardiograms. Its new features, including support for the 15-lead ECG, stress test and Holter monitor measurements. The system provides a single point of access to historical and current ECG exams, and improves physician access to ECG exams by providing the ability to display, review, edit, confirm, print and archive ECGs.

Windows Platform

Oracle Database

AGFA Connectivity Manager 2.x

Connectivity Manager is a middleware component in the integration between hospital information systems and other hospital imaging departments. Connectivity Manager also provides connectivity to modalities and the PACS.

Windows Platform

Oracle and SQL database

Tomtec Image-Arena 4.x

Image-Arena is the multimodality platform for Image Analysis, Review and Data Management. Image-Arena is the basic module for a variety of different clinical application packages (CAPs). ImageArena can be equipped with exactly the CAPs that fit your individual requirements. All the echo data is accessible from just one single database. Image-Arena is available as a stand alone workstation, as a network or a complete integration.

Windows Platform

SQL Database


DATAMED devices have bridged the compatibility gap between equipment from various manufacturers. Functioning like a language interpreter but with file formats, DatamedFT converts the EKG data from the format of one manufacturer to the format of another, so that medical facilities can purchase the most appropriate cardiographs, monitors, and EKG management systems from differing manufacturers. DatamedFT allows for purchasing flexibility and extended equipment life.




"My cooperation with Jurica already spans more then 5 years. Jurica has proven to be a skilled healthcare IT engineer. RIS, Pacs, CVIS, HL7, Mirth. He's also proven to be creative thinker in trying to find the right solution. 
I consider Jurica one of my top colleagues because his ample competences are combined with a positive, relaxed attitude, even under stressful situations. 
And you can take him to customers. 
Thanks J for all the cooperation. May it last a long long time ..."

Rik Maene - Linkedin

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