Nexxis stands for video integration done right. Intuitive, safe, and easy to use, it is designed to meet the most urgent needs of the surgical team: precise imagery, efficient workflow, and maximum flexibility in the increasingly complex operating room (OR).

We partner with the world’s leading OR integrators to bring the unique benefits of Nexxis to your surgical suite. Because when health outcomes depend on image quality, Nexxis becomes the cornerstone of any integrated, hybrid or interventional operating room.

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58-inch UHD surgical display MDSC-8358-MNA

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Multi-view Network Compositor MNC-180

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Smart Control Panel MUIP-2112 

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Integrated in Nexxis portfolio

Fit for medical use

As with any device in the operating room, compliance with sterilization and safety standards is vital to ensure reliability and patient safety. Nexxis – and all of its components inside the OR – has been classified as a medical device CE/FDA (class I/II) and is fit for medical use.

Mission Critical

Nexxis transfers data over a safe and secure gateway that is HIPAA compliant to safeguard patient privacy. In addition, Nexxis works perfectly together with Barco surgical displays, which offer an automatic backup signal ensuring uninterrupted surgical procedures. Patient safety guaranteed.

Field proven robustness and reliability

Operating rooms worldwide rely on Nexxis to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of the surgical team. We partner with internationally renowned digital OR integrators to develop a video integration system that best fits your needs.

Official Distributor of BARCO