The Activity Report offers a platform for analysis of your procedure activity.

Activity Report allows you to run predefined query queries on your clinical database through a "user friendly" interface. SQL skills are not needed to extract the necessary information from the database.

Activity Report can be used as follows:

View Activity of an Arithmology Department in numbers:

  • Ablations
  • Pacemakers
  • PM Control
  • Indication
  • List of Existing Doctors and Technicians

See section activity for Cat. Lab . in numbers:

  • Total number of procedures per category (angiogram, angioplasty, balloon, stent, etc.)

Echocardiology Department Activity in numbers:

  • Stenosis,
  • Regurgitation,
  • Hypertrophy,
  • Efusion
  • Many more

Results can be saved as .xls or .csv files.