CardioReport offers a global data management platform in the Cath Lab. The platform is designed with a focus on rapid data collection, data analysis and clinical findings.

A typical CATHLAB procedure begins with the patient's demographic data, which is automatically transmitted from the Hospital Information System (HIS) to CardioReport. The procedure is created (ordered) digitally through HIS (with automatic transfer to CardioReport ) or directly in CardioReport.

The Department at any given time has a complete overview of the interventions ordered within CardioReport. The worklist is automatically updated on the modality via the DICOM Worklist. The CardioReport Scheduler displays the Status of procedures and statuses. Emergency procedures can be started directly on modality, and later the administrative data can be manually corrected in CardioReport. In case the diagnostic procedure is followed by an intervention, with one click the procedure is converted into an interventional procedure and data already entered is copied across. After completion of the diagnostic or intervention procedure, hemodynamics and X ray doses are automatically transmitted to CardioReport.

Finally, the Cardiologist examines images, verifies the performed measurements, and with a "single button" the clinical finding is automatically produced. The information is distributed through the HL7 integration with HIS.

Pediatric Cath

  • Diagnostic and structural anatomy copied form paediatric echo procedure
  • Simple and complex congenital disease description
  • Dynamic drawing of described abnormalities including: valvuloplasty, shunt closure, stent implantation, coils, …
  • Automatic IPPC coding

Coronary CT

  • Dynamic coronary tree drawing based on CASS and BARI classification
  • Calcium Scoring evaluation and patient risk assessment
  • Non-coronary description dataset
  • Export lesion description to coronary angiogram procedure

Adult Cardiac Surgery

  • Diagnostic and lesion description imported from cath procedure
  • Dynamic drawing of graft and valve implantation
  • Material management
  • Operative, hand-over checklist using mobile devices
  • Extracorporeal circulation management
  • NCDR compliant

Adult Cath, STRUCTURAL PROCEDURES & Shunt closure

  • Multiple Stage evaluation (pre, post, during, …)
  • Systemic and pulmonic shunt calculation, resistances, valve evaluation, …
  • PFO, ASD, VSD, PDA closure with graphic structural heart representation
  • TAVR, Mitral Clip, LAA occlusion procedure and dataset registries
  • Graphic presentation including pressure, oximetry, gradient evaluation

Peripheral endovascular

  • Dynamic arteries and/or veins tree drawing
  • Graphic representation of collaterals and grafts
  • Scoring of patient severity and risk analysis
  • Limb, Renal, Carotid, Aortic endoprothesis implantation
  • Recanalization angioplasty technique with anterograde and retrograde re-entry procedure dataset description
  • Fistula angioplasty