CardioReport offers a global data management platform in the Echocardiography Department. The platform is designed with a focus on rapid data collection, data analysis and clinical findings.

The typical echocardiography procedure begins with the patient's demographic data, which is automatically transmitted from the Hospital Information System (HIS) to CardioReport. The procedure is created (ordered) digitally through HIS (with automatic transfer to CardioReport ) or directly in CardioReport.

The Department at any given time has a complete overview of the interventions ordered within CardioReport. The worklist is automatically updated on the modality via the DICOM Worklist. The CardioReport Scheduler displays the Status of procedures and statuses. Upon completion of the echocardiogram procedure, echocardiographic metrics are automatically transmitted to CardioReport via the DICOM SR standard.

After Ultrasound, the Cardiologist examines the images, verifies the performed measurements, and with a "single button" the clinical finding is automatically produced. The information is distributed through the HL7 integration with BIS.

Adult REST & Stress Echo

  • ASE, BSE guidelines compliant
  • 16 or 17 LV segmentation, WMSI calculation
  • Automatic evaluation for LV mass, regurgitation, stenosis, LVEDP, systolic & diastolic function, dys-synchrony,
  • Graphic mass findings representation
  • DICOM-SR measurement and image importation

Stress test

  • ECG stress test, SPECT, Pharmacological stress test
  • Steps by step description
  • HRmax and VO2max scoring
  • ECG image or pdf importation
  • 17 segmentation scoring ischemia
  • Late redistribution for viability evaluation
  • Bull-eye sagittal & planar representation
  • LVEF & RVEF evaluation