CardioReport offers a global data management platform in the Rhythmology Department. The platform is designed with a focus on rapid data collection, data analysis and clinical findings.

Typical Rhythmology procedure begins with a patient demographic data collection, which can be automatically received from Hospital Information System (HIS). Followed by a procedure order that can be digitally requested through the HIS (with automatic transfer to CardioReport ) or created directly in CardioReport.

The Department, at any given time, has a complete overview of the interventions ordered within CardioReport. The worklist is automatically updated in the modality via the DICOM Worklist. The CardioReport Scheduler displays the Status of all procedures and statuses.

The action is initiated directly in CardioReport. If ,after the diagnostic procedure, an intervention is required, procedure can be converted with one click, and marked is copied to the new procedure without having to retype the data. After the procedure the required image (XA, CT) can be transferred to CardioReport for inclusion in the report.

After the operation, the Cardiologist immediately makes a report on the procedure. The information is distributed through the HL7 integration with BIS


Pacemaker, ICD, ILR

  • Interactive graphic user interface describing pacemaker implantation, upgrade, explantation, …
  • Pacemaker data importation from programmer
  • Report PDF importation from programmer
  • Follow-up and patient visit management
  • Remote follow-up interfaced to supplier web site (ie Latitude, …)