MedDream is a web-based DICOM Viewer for PACS server that is aimed at making diagnoses, viewing, archiving and transmitting medical images. The DICOM Viewer can be integrated into any PACS system/VNA including: MedDream PACS, PacsOne, dcm4chee, Orthanc, Conquest, ClearCanvas, Google Cloud Healthcare, etc.

HTML 5 Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

Vendor-independent post-processing solution for DICOM Images


Segmentation tools for marking the regions of interest in medical images, saving them as RTSTRUCT

Magnetic Resonance (MR)

Meddream Viewer displays clear images. MR produces detailed images of almost every internal structure in the human body, including the organs, bones, muscles and blood vessels.


Access from anywhere and any devices

• Universal Enterprise Viewer (cross department data support)
• Web technology
• Responsive design (desktop and mobile device support)
• Simple to use, simple GUI
• One View for all data
• Support all types of studies

Working on existing infrastructure and bandwidth

• Vendor neutral viewer
• Cost effective certified solution
• Flexible Licensing model
• Online DEMO. Try before Buy
• Open source friendly solution
• Client side rendering and streaming
• Cross Platform
• Ready for National system
• Ready for Cloud
• Multi PACS support

Extended functionality

• Integrations, API friendly
• Custom GUI
• Rebranding
• Custom development
• Configurable links to external systems


Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I.b) is an interoperability profile that extends XDS to share images, diagnostic reports and related information across a group of care sites

FDA CLEARED (K2222320 510(k))
CE Class IIB certified
The medical device software MedDream is certified as IIB class medical device according the MDR. Medical software MedDream is now intended to aid in diagnosis by visualization various medical images, video and signals, measuring data in DICOM images and management DICOM images, when the patient is not in life-threatening state of health, time is not critical for medical decision and no major therapeutic interventions are required.