Introducing CardioReport the CVIS supporting invasive and non invasive services, to deliver best-in-class results

Medireport Scheduler

Medireport Scheduler
Ensures effective and efficient service delivery whilst enhancing patient experience.


Tracer Stock Management
Capabilities include visibility, control, tracking and management of  pharmaceuticals, devices, instruments, and more.

Boarding Vision

Boarding Vision
A graphical touchscreen web-based application managing patient workflow and status in real time.

Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicators
A complete dashboard provides you with a clear view of all indicators that will help you efficiently manage your Lab.

CarioReport Suite

CardioReport CVIS
Aa single system to maintain Patient Care Continuum for invasive and non-invasive cardiology.


CardioReport is fully IHE compliant. Integration eliminates manual data entry ensuring a high level of data integrity.

CardioReport Coronary Angiogram and PCI
  • Dynamic coronary tree drawing based on CASS and BARI classification
  • Scoring Calculation: SYNTAX score, Euroscore, STS score, J-CTO, ...
  • Guidelines and International Classification including ICD-10, EPCCC, SNOMED, CASS, MEDINA, ACC-AHA, Rentrop, TIMI flow...
  • Attending & referring management
  • Event log and importation from hemodynamic modalities
  • Interface with HIS, RIS, Images, X-rays, hemodynamic data
  • Devices traceability using barcodes or RFID, link with Tracer™
  • Drugs monitoring
  • Complications management
  • Billing procedures codes (CPT, OPS, …)
  • Follow-up and registries management
  • NCDR, BCIS, AQUA, QERMID, GISE compliant ….. (more than 20 registries supported)
Active Installations

Present Catheterization Labs, Echocardiography Labs,  PaceMaker Labs, Electrophysiology Labs, inventory departments 

Countries supplied

Present in Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

years of innovation and counting

Founded in 1995, MediReport Company is now a European market leader providing a complete Cardio Vascular Information System (CVIS).

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