PACS has transformed medical imaging. However as more imaging specialties are accessing healthcare solutions, many hospitals with medical imaging are reporting problems with PACS/HIS/EMR/RIS/CVIS, we can help.


There are many problem areas that could be causing the issues with your system. For example InstallationConfiguration, Workflow, Database, Operating System, Integration, Interoperability, Network etc. We have 8 years experience in the Medical IT field and you can be assured that we will find and deliver a solution to your problem and get your business back up and running. Troubleshooting is the process of solving a problem or determining a problem to an issue. Troubleshooting often involves the process of elimination, where a technician will follow a set of steps to determine the problem or resolve the problem. We use a methodical approach to troubleshooting and endeavour to find the root cause of the issue so that it does not keep happening.

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